Updated Membership Marketing Tracking Dashboard

A number of years ago, I shared about a dashboard that I created to help with keeping track of your organization’s membership numbers. I have just finished updating it based on some feedback that I have received from readers. If you would like an Excel version of it, please send me an email (under my bio at right) and I will forward it to you.

The dashboard includes calculations for tracking:

• Year over year total membership decline or growth
• Year over year new member recruitment
• Monthly and annual conversion (renewal) of first year members
• Monthly and annual subsequent year renewal of members
• Monthly and annual overall membership renewal calculations

I have found that these are the key statistics to monitor for most membership organizations. They highlight where things are going well and where you might need to focus additional attention.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the new dashboard. Membership Marketing and ROI is very important. ~CTynan, CAE

Tony Rossell said...

I have had over 50 requests for a copy of the spreadsheet. If you would like one, shoot me an email. Tony