Adding Remarketing to Your Membership and Conference Marketing Mix

In most cases, all of your marketing efforts drive members and customers to your website to join, register, or purchase an item.  But the reality is that once a prospect comes to your website many do not complete their transaction on the first visit.
For example, very often potential attendees visit an association’s website to find out the date, location, or cost for a conference.  However, these prospects rarely register right away.  They may need to check their calendar, the cost of flights, or get budget approval to attend.
Similarly, one organization that we serve has a fairly high dues rate that is paid out-of-pocket by the member.  Because they may need to “think it over” before joining, they have nearly 10,000 shopping cart abandons for their membership application each year.
Because an organization’s website is core to the purchasing process and because many prospective members do not buy on their first visit, adding Remarking (also known as Retargeting) advertising to website is a necessity today for organizations.
A remarketing program involves adding code to specific pages of your website that “cookies” your site’s visitors and then shows them relevant ads on a wide variety of third party sites as they travel across the Internet and reminds them to return.  The main providers of remarketing advertising are Google, AdRoll, and Facebook.  Google and AdRoll remarketing ads run on a wide range of sites that accept ads.  Facebook remarketing ads appear within Facebook application.
You can place the remarketing code on your entire website or on pages specifically related to certain products or programs that you want to promote.  And by placing a conversion code on your thank you page where a transaction is ultimately completed, you are able to monitor that the sale was driven to your site from a click on a specific remarketing ad.
Perhaps most appealing, remarketing programs are generally very economical additions to your marketing mix because your costs are driven not by impressions of ads, but by the actual clicks on the ad driving someone with a proven interest in your organization back to your page.
Marketers spend a lot of money along with time and effort to drive potential members and customers to a website and make a purchase.  Online remarketing advertising offers an effective and economical channel to increase the stickiness of these promotions and remind prospects to complete the purchase that initially sparked their interest.  If you are not now using online remarketing ads, give it a try. 

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