How do you handle a membership dues increase?

A dues increase can be a complicated and risky proposition for an association. Yet remarkably little literature exists on the topic to guide association executives through this process.

To help build an understanding of the best practices related to raising membership dues, we are undertaking a research project to gather best practices in this area and reporting our findings in an upcoming white paper.

I wanted to give readers of the Membership Marketing Blog who work for associations a chance to be a part of the survey and to receive a copy of the white paper when the research is complete. Of course, all individual responses for this research will be kept strictly confidential.

The goal of this research is to better understand the following issues:

  • How often do associations raise dues?

  • How much are typical dues increases?

  • How do associations justify raising dues to members?

  • What outcomes have dues increases had on membership numbers and revenue?

  • What lessons have been learned from these experiences?

To participate in this best practices research, please respond online by going to:

To thank you for sharing your experiences and feedback, I will send you a free copy of the final white paper created from this research: “Best Practices: The Why, How, and Outcomes of Raising Membership Dues”

Also, if you have useful experience to share related to your organizations dues increase; feel free to post you comments here.

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