Tangible Benefits Matter

We just completed a survey evaluating the effectiveness of a recently launched printed, membership periodical. The good news is that the members very much like the new benefit.

But what was most impressive about the survey results was how the publication increased member loyalty. For those who received and read the new publication, we found that they were:
  • 33.9% more likely to say, “I would recommend this association to colleagues and friends.”

  • 15.4 % more likely to say,” I plan to continue my membership.”

Admittedly, we may have a bit of a chicken and egg situation here. More committed members may be more likely to read association publications.

But this data is corroborated by ASAE & The Center’s
Decision to Join survey returns.

When asked the question “How do you prefer to receive information about your profession or field?” the option of receiving “magazines and journals” was the choice surpassing conferences and meetings, E-newsletters, and an association web site.

The data from these two surveys serves as a reminder that part of member’s decision to join may be altruistic, but providing tangible product in return for dollars spent is still a key ingredient to getting and keeping members.

What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

People definitely appreciate something that they can hold in their hand. It is tangible and they may feel that they are getting something for their money.

However, we have also found that people have negative experiences of printed materials if they feel the information is not relevant, if the frequency is too high or they perceive it to be of low value (in which case they feel their membership fees are being wasted producing non-sense).

If information is current, timely and relevant, I still say web/email is the way to go.