Frequency of Contact in Membership Marketing

In my earlier post this week on Sensible Branding, I emphasized the importance of frequently communicating your brand to your target audience.

I thought that it might be helpful to follow that up with some actual test results.

Earlier this year, we conducted an A/B split membership acquisition test for an organization where we added a follow up email promotion two weeks after our mailing dropped to a portion of the file. The email carried the same graphics and special offer that was included in the mailing.

Here is what we found. The prospects who receive only the mailed membership invitation responded at a .57% response rate. Those who received both the mailing and the follow up email generated a total response rate of .97%.

Adding the email cost very little, but raised overall response rates by 68%. That’s adding 3.9 members for each thousand contacts. Let’s say the dues rate is $200, then the additional email generated $780 more dues revenue for each thousand people contacted. Not bad.

Within reason, good membership marketing requires frequent contact with prospects, ideally using multiple channels.

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