Tips for Brainstorming Membership Marketing

I heard from several of you that with the start of the year you are thinking through your membership marketing plan for 2008. So I wanted to pass along a creativity tip that you may find helpful.

I have heard it said that creativity is not inventing something wholly new, but looking at what exists from a different perspective. Remember how you use to open a soda can?

That’s why I have found the questions provided by the late Bob Stone, in his landmark book, Successful Direct Marketing Method [1], useful in getting the creative thought process going. Here they are:
  • Can we combine?

  • Can we add?

  • Can we eliminate?

  • Can we make an association?

  • Can we simplify?

  • Can we substitute?

  • Can we reverse?

Give these questions a try at the start of your next marketing project. You may come up with a terrific new idea.

[1] Stone, Bob. Successful Direct Marketing Methods. (McGraw-Hill; 7 edition (2001) p. 468.

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