You Gotta Have Growth!

Last week, I had the privilege of  speaking to a group of small non-profits on the topic of  Marketing Principles to Grow Your Organization.  Growth is a real challenge for these groups.  

But I believe that whether the economy is strong or weak, you cannot save, manage or retain your way to success and health as an organization.  I came across this quote while flying across the country the other day in the March 31 edition of Business Week that underlines this concept

"Managing your size is not the solution to competitive pressure.  Growth is.  It is the magic elixir that cures almost every business ill.  No other kind of 'fix' delivers its transformative power"  (Jack and Suzy Welch, When Growth is the Only Solution).  

Is this wishful thinking in today's economy or do you agree with this?  


Vinay said...

When I jumped into GRC, I had just resigned from a very nice position with nice benefits and income. And I did this the same day my wife started back in her fellowship. I didn't tell her I was going to do this. If I did, I am sure she would have talked me out of it.

Well, it was back in 1992, while we were deep in midst of recession. Folks told me I was nuts. And they were right.

I ignored everyone (I was young and stubborn, what can I say) and just dove in. I went with attitude that failure is not an option. Rest as they say is history.

No matter what the external circumstances, nothing is impossible, provided we have the desire and fortitude. Opportunity is all around us. We just have to look. Yes, growth is very possible during our tough times. Adjust the attitude, believe, and actions and therefore results will follow. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Good post, as usual, Tony.

Tony Rossell said...

Vinay -- Nice to have you back with your comments. I with you. Tony

Don Metznik said...

I also believe in the absolute imperative of growth. Let me share a related experience. As the chair of the Marketing and Membership Committee of The Yale Club of NYC, and as a board member, I focused 95% of my efforts on sustaining 2-3% real growth/year. I could have easily been distracted by typical club projects, but my experience in the restaurant industry (where real growth is necessary to stay alive) kept me focused. We produced 3+% annually over the last four years, which means incremental members of 300+ per year.

It never ceases to amaze me how easily intelligent and experienced business executives, who compose most of the board positions I encounter, can become distracted and fail to give growth the constant and detailed attention it requires.

Tony Rossell said...

Dan -- Thanks for sharing your experience. I am actually working on a post to expand on this issue. You are right on target. Growth can come with focused effort, expertise, and attention. I appreciate your story. Tony