Downloads for Popular Requests are Now Available

I have had a number of requests for copies of some recent articles and presentations. I love to get emails, but to save time, I have put the most requested items online for easy downloads. So here they are:

Raise Dues without Lowering Membership, Forum magazine, March, 2008. As we face more inflationary pressures, you may be faced with raising prices or dues. Here is the feedback I received from over 300 association professionals on the best practices in this area.

Improving Your Membership Renewal Program, presented at ASAE and the Center’s 2008 Marketing and Membership Conference. Membership retention is foundational in membership development. This presentation includes both theory and case studies from one of my colleagues and our clients.

The Optimized Membership Program, MGI White Paper, June, 2007. Sometimes in membership marketing, it helps to step back and look at your entire program. This white paper covers each of the major areas in getting and keeping members.

The Economics of Membership, presented at the DMAW Association Days. I cannot understate how important it is to grasp the financial aspects in membership development. Understanding and being able to calculate renewal rates, membership tenure, lifetime value, the steady state of membership, and your maximum acquisition cost or membership margins are the key tools to succeeding in our profession. They are outlined in this presentation.

Hope you find these helpful. Feel free to post any questions or feedback.

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