The Upside of Down

A story I wrote on the economy’s impact on membership marketing was included in one of ASAE's Associations Now feature articles. The story is titled, The Upside of Down. Here is a link if you are interested in reading it.

As I noted in the article, I am continuing to see very good response to membership acquisition efforts. Prospective members need the services, networks, and training made available by associations more than ever.

That's why for many organizations, now may be the best time to actively market and grow membership.

Please share what you and your organization are experiencing with your membership.


Darryl Walter said...

Tony - Nice article and I agree that associations need to continue to do aquisition campaigns (even in tough economic times). Also, associations need to stick to principles of marketing and have a robust renewal series. We are 6.5% year-over-year at the end of January. this is due to an aggressive renewal series. The big concern that our association has is that many members are state and federal employees and the states just don't have the money for society memberships.

Tony Rossell said...

Thanks Darryl for your feedback. I have enjoyed the artilce you wrote last year for DMAW. We are on the same wave length. A 6 point lift in renewals is exceptional, but yes, it can be done. Tony