What’s the One Thing Your Marketing Team Should Do?

In the May issue of Associations Now, I was one of a four marketing professionals asked to answer the following question:

“What is one thing that an association marketing team must do, if nothing else?”

I found the variety of answers represented a pretty wide variety of perspectives. Each was very valid. You can read the entire piece here.

Here is a sampling of where each of us came out on this question.

Kevin Whorton focused on the teams, “need to communicate clearly, ground their decisions in proven theory and empirical facts, and work effectively with everyone.”

Gretchen Schroeder encouraged marketers to, “Get out of your office and spend time with your members in their businesses.”

Millie Hurlbut recommends you, “answer a prospect's question of ‘what’s in it for me?’"

Tony Rossell pushed pro-activeness. “One challenge facing associations is what I call marketing entropy . . . so the most important aspect of marketing is ‘just do it’."[1]

How would you answer this question? What is the one thing your marketing team should do, if nothing else? Feel free to share your thoughts here.

[1] Marketing Essentials: Advice From the Pros, ASSOCIATIONS NOW, May 2009

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