What Research Says about Marketing during a Recession?

As a follow up to today’s post about associations growing membership during a recession, I thought a recent article in The New Yorker made the same point very well looking at the for profit world.

The article looks says “numerous studies have shown that companies that keep spending on acquisition, advertising, and R. & D. during recessions do significantly better than those which make big cuts.”[1]

The article is worth reading and could be useful in arguing against the budget cuts that are being imposed on so many of you who I talk to about this. Let me know what you think.

[1] James Surowiecki, Hanging Tough, The New Yorker, by April 20, 2009


aTis said...

Thanks for the article, this will be a nice topic for discussion at marketing management I'm studying right now.

Tony Rossell said...

Thanks, I am happy that you find it helpful. Tony