Date Set to Present Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report

The past several weeks, I have been sharing my initial findings from our Membership Marketing Benchmarking Survey. I hope that you have found it helpful. We are now writing the final report.

We will be releasing the report at the ASAE and the Center for Association Leadership Annual Conference. If you are at the conference, you are invited to participate in a session that I will co-present on this research along with research from my friend, Sheri Jacobs, CAE. She will highlight her updated research on the state of the association economy. On this blog, I previously reported on the original edition of her research and I am sure her updated data will be very valuable.

We have titled the session: How do You Compare? Benchmark Your Association against Industry Research in Membership, Marketing, Meetings and More. The session is on Monday, August 17 at 2:00 in room 802A of the Toronto Convention Center.

If you are one of the more than 400 survey participants, you are scheduled to receive your personal copy of the research report the first week of August. For those who did not participate, we will provide copies to those who attends the session.

This presentation is done with the permission of ASAE, but is designated as an "unsession". It will be promoted exclusively through word of mouth and social media. So feel free to jump the fence to attend and share the date and time with others.


Tony Rossell said...

By the way, why am I so glad that Sheri Jacobs will be joining me for this session at ASAE? Read the comments below from the last presentation she did and you’ll understand.

“This was my favorite session! I took away pages and pages of notes. Sheri was a great presenter and gave plenty of strategies and ideas that I can actually use.”

“This is one of the best sessions I have ever attended. Sheri was great. I can actually use so much info she provided. Great, great, great session! Please bring her back!”

“Hands down the best session for me. Sheri Jacobs is brilliant, and she not only sparked new innovative ideas, but she answered everyone's question as though she'd thought each one over for years.”


kare anderson said...

I would love to hear the survey results and share with others Tony - vital for these times