Is your SEO Really Optimized?

Do you think that your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is doing great? Well it may not be doing as well as it appears to you.

I missed this news around the holidays, but amidst Google’s China news, they also announced that they were moving everyone to personalized search results.

As they noted on their blog, “Today we're helping people get better search results by extending Personalized Search to signed-out users worldwide, and in more than forty languages. Now when you search using Google, we will be able to better provide you with the most relevant results possible.” In the past, Google only offered personalized search to signed in users.

This might be great for you if you frequently look for certain topics. But it can really fool you if you are trying to monitor the SEO of your site. If your site comes up first every time when you search on key words, it does not mean that it is happening for anyone else. Personalized search may cause your site to come up first because that is what you have clicked on in the past. But for someone else, it your site may show up much lower on the page. 

There is a way to disconnect personalized search. Here is the link to learn how to do that.

The bottom line is that with a Google search what you see is not what others may get.


indie_preneur said...

Good points -- and while people can turn this off, the vast majority of people A, don't care to, and B, will never know how to. Is this the beginning of rethinking all we know about SEO?

Tony Rossell said...

Thanks for the comment. In a very real sense there is no longer an SEO reality. Every search is driven by what you search on over the past 180 days. Tony