Membership Marketing Response Rates by State

It is fun to slice and dice data. So the other day, we decided to run response rates by state for one membership organization. Over a million pieces of recruitment mail were analyzed that went out over several campaigns and there were over 10,000 paid responses. No geographical variations were requested in any of the original lists used.
What did we discover?  From the best responding state to the worst responding state, we found a 360% variance in response rate.

I will share, some of the best and worst states, but please be aware the results do not mean that it is good or bad to mail into any of these states. It only reflects how some prospects in these states responded to a particular product offering at a specific point in time. Nevertheless, it might be a worthwhile analysis to do for your marketing efforts.

The top responding states were:

1. Vermont
2. South Dakota
3. Rhode Island
4. Wyoming
5. Utah

The lowest responding states were:

1. West Virginia
2. Alabama
3. California
4. Alaska
5. Washington DC

The efficiency of your marketing efforts can often be improved by doing some fairly simple data analysis. What analysis have you done that has helped to focus your marketing efforts?


Unknown said...

Your blog sure is looking good. You continue to amaze me!!!

Tony Rossell said...

Chris -- Thanks for the comment. I really enjoy blogging. Finding the time is the big challenge. Tony