Non Dues Revenue and Affinity Programs for Members

Lists can be helpful to get brainstorming going on what additional products and services can be provided to members. My research shows that with each additional purchase from an organization the loyalty and tenure of a member increases.

So here is a quick list of possible non-dues revenue and affinity products that I have put together to get your thinking going. Please feel free to add any that I have missed in the comments section below.

1. Advertising
  a. Ad Sales
  b. Directory Sales
  c. Exhibits
  d. List Management
  e. Sponsorship

2. Association Products and Services
  a. Books, directories, periodicals
  b. Continuing education – seminars, webinars, meetings
  c. Conventions

3. Credit Card

4. Hotel Discounts

5. Insurance
  a. Auto Insurance
  b. Dental Insurance
  c. Disability Insurance
  d. Home Owners or Rental Insurance
  e. Hospital Insurance
  f. Identity Theft Insurance
  g. Life and AD&D Insurance
  h. Pet Insurance
  i. Professional Liability Insurance
  j. Travel Insurance
  k. Vision Insurance

6. Investments and Banking

7. Job Bank

8. Legal Services

9. Logo and Insignia Items

10. Medical Alert

11. Overnight Shipping Discounts

12. Prescription Program

13. Rental Car Discounts

14. Shopping Discounts
  a. Dining
  b. Flowers
  c. Fuel
  d. Office supplies
  e. Technology


Scott Oser said...

Hi Tony,

This is a great post. Here are a few additions off the top of my head:
1. Speaking opportunities
2. Writing opportunities
3. Webinar opportunities
4. Training opportunities
(I realize that some associations don't allow numbers 1-4 but if it is allowed and is done right the association can make a lot of money, the industry partners get in front of the members, and the members learn a lot).
5. Podcasts
6. Shipping discounts on long haul type shipping
7. Web design and management
8. Marketing services like SEO/SEM
9. Professional services like legal assitance, IT assistance, accounting/tax assistance

I will try to add more as I think of things.

Happy Holidays!

Tony Rossell said...

Scott -- Thanks for adding to the list. Please keep the ideas coming. Before I wrote the post, I did some searches on the topic and did not come up with a good comprehensive listing. Tony

Unknown said...

I don't know if "Exhibits" under Ads covers this -- but a symposium/expo (aka trade show, vendor fair) is also an idea. (Can be held in addition to, or separate from, a conference or convention.)

Tony Rossell said...

That is a good thought. I know one organization that buys large exhibit spaces at international shows and then re-sells smaller portions of the space to their member companies. It is a win-win for everyone involved. Tony

Scott Oser said...

You need to be careful when doing that. Some exhibitor regs prevent you from sharing or subletting your space. Make sure to read the rules and regulations as each show is different.