ASAE Marketing, Membership & Communications Conference

There promises to be many great speakers and sessions at the upcoming ASAE Marketing, Membership and Communications Conference held May 23 and 24 in Washington, DC. It is a conference that I can highly recommend and it often sells out, so you may want to register early.

Rick Whelan, the president of Marketing General Incorporated, will be speaking at the conference on my favorite topic, “The Economics of Membership Marketing Programs”.

Rick is a 30-year marketing professional and a Certified Direct Marketer. He serves on the Direct Marketing Association of Washington, DC, Educational Foundation Board of Directors. He is a past DMAW Board Chair and former Chair of the American Society for Association Executives Membership Section.

But in addition to his credential, I believe that this topic is lays the foundation for all membership marketing activities. The economics of membership includes important toics like:

Steady State Analysis – Determining the future membership size of your organization.
• Membership Tenure – Projecting how long a member will remain with your organization.
• Retention Calculations – Measuring the continuity of your membership.
Life Time Value (LTV) – Understanding the long-term revenue stream a members will produce.
Maximum Acquisition Cost – Calculating the margin or potential profit that a member will produce for your organization and therefore how much can be spent to obtain a member.

If you plan to attend the conference, please let me know. I enjoy meeting and getting feedback from those who read this blog.


Dan said...

I'll be there Tony. will you?

Tony Rossell said...

We are working out who will attend from our team now. I plan to go. Tony