A Tool to Build Your Marketing Plan

In my mind, the key coordinates of creating an effective marketing plan are connecting each market segment with the proper marketing channels, value proposition, offers, messages, and frequency.

So I have created a template (below) to use for planning and brainstorming sessions to help make these connections.

To use the template, start by inserting your market segments in the left hand triangle – from most productive to least productive. Along with the name for the market segment, you can also list the estimated quantity of prospects in that group. Then work through the matrix to the right.

For example, if you are creating a plan for membership recruitment, your best market segment might be lapsed members. Because they are so responsive, you can use fairly expensive channels to reach them, so you might put staff sales calls, telemarketing, direct mail, and email as the channels. The value proposition, offer, message, and frequency of contact for this segment will also be different than reaching out to another segment with less awareness or affinity for your organization.

Once you have completed filling in each quadrant of the matrix, you basically have your marketing plan done. I have provided for up to six market segments, but you obviously may have more or less than this to target in your plan.

If you would like to make adjustment to this template or be able to type content into the blanks, I can provide an Excel spreadsheet of this document. Please let me know if you would like one sent to you.