Association Membership Growth by Industry Served

The economy impacts industries differently. These impacts also translate into the associations that serve each sector.

In our 2013 benchmarking research, we asked respondents to tell us the industry that their association serves. Then we cross tabulated the industry from the largest responding sectors with the percentage of the associations reporting increases in membership over the past year.

The chart below shows the industry served and the percentage of associations in that sector reporting an increase in membership.

Percentage of Associations Reporting Membership Growth by Industry

Not surprisingly, associations serving the healthcare industry had the highest likelihood to have seen membership growth over the past year. Healthcare groups, along with Science and Engineering societies, also topped the list of associations experiencing membership growth over the past five years.

Associations in Education, Professional Services (blue collar), and the Building and Construction industries were much less likely to have seen an increase in membership.

The final benchmarking report will be released in several months and participating associations will receive a printed edition of the complete report.


Richard Gott said...

Quick query - Why is the increase in membership of US healthcare related associations unsuprising? Based in the UK so just wondered!

Tony Rossell said...

Hi Richard -- My comment was probably a little US centric. In the US, the healthcare sector has been one of the areas that has seen solid employment gains during the recession. On the other hand, we have seen a cut back in the number of teachers, construction workers, etc. So it was not surpising to me to see a growth in memberships counts in healthcare and slower growth in education and in construction. Thanks for the question. Tony