ASAE Session: Emerging Hybrid Membership Models

Last week I had the opportunity to present at the ASAE Annual Meeting with Greg Melia and Krista Barnes on the opportunities and challenges associations are seeing with hybrid membership models.
I also wanted to share the information and slides here. 
Hybrid membership models take a long term marketing concept called product line extension and apply it to an association’s membership product.  Many associations are moving away from a traditional “one size fits all” membership and instead offering a portfolio of membership options that allow a prospect to select a package that best meets their content needs and budget.  Hybrid membership models range from a tiered membership structure, to group membership, to an option for selecting either individual or organizationally based membership package.  Properly deployed, these new models can help an association increase member engagement, numbers, and revenue.
Here are the slides and notes from the ASAE Annual Meeting session. 

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