Just Released: The Association Innovation Benchmarking Report

Innovation is one of the keys to maintaining a resilient and growing association. One definition of innovation is, “the act or process of introducing new ideas, devices, or methods.” For associations introducing new products, services, and methods is critical to attract new members and retain current members. 
So if this is so important, what are the characteristics that define innovative associations? 
The Association Innovation Benchmarking Report
That’s the question Marketing General Incorporated (MGI), in conjunction with the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), decided to ask professionals in the association world. 
The research focused on how associations set innovation goals, how they support innovation, what rewards and recognition they offer, and how they set metrics for innovation.  The research resulted in the publication of the Association Innovation Benchmarking Report. 
A total of 344 associations participated in the research, and the findings reveal a wealth of insights on the role of innovation within associations. Here are some of the top findings: 
  • Most associations (73%) began to focus on innovation only within the past five years.
  • Innovation is most often prompted internally by the CEO of the association.
  • Associations most often focus their innovation on websites/social media, conventions/conferences/seminars, and education programs.
  • The majority of respondents (72%) do not have any form of rewards or recognition for innovation at their association.
  • Finding financial resources and fighting the status quo have proved to be the two biggest challenges in becoming an innovative organization. 

The full Association Innovation Benchmarking Report is now available as a download.  Please use this link and scroll down the page to receive a copy of the complete study. 

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