Defining and Communicating Value through Emotional Drivers

Have you ever been asked what differentiates your membership from the others that are available? In marketing terms, do you know what is your “unique selling proposition” (UPS)?
This is the type of question I often ask of prospective clients when I meet with them. A lot of times I do not get very compelling or confident answers.
A first step in defining this value is to define the motivations of members and prospective members.  What are their deep seated needs? Here is one way to think about and define these needs.  Way back in 1956 a book written by Victor Schwab, "Mail Order Strategy" (Hoke Communications, 1956). Schwab was a famous copywriter -- an Ad Age person of the Century -- who detailed the 40 key "emotional drivers" that influence people’s actions.
Here are a few of Schwab’s drivers that I think might be particularly relevant for membership marketing.
People want to be:
  • Up to date
  • Recognized authorities
  • Efficient
  • Good parents, bosses, and employers
People want to gain:
  • Time
  • Comfort
  • Praise of others
  • Health
  • Popularity
  • Personal prestige
  • Money
People want to save:
  • Work
  • Discomfort
  • Embarrassment
  • Worry
  • Time
People want to do:

  • Satisfy their curiosity
  • Win others’ affection
  • Improve themselves generally

Understanding the motivations and needs of members and prospects in your marketplace will drive everything from your messaging to your product development.  Take time through brainstorming, research, and testing to build an understanding of these emotional drivers.


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