Associations Get Mixed Grades for Helping Members in a Recession

ASAE and the Center for Association Leadership just released results from a major survey of members from 97 associations.

The report card says to me that associations could do a better job of communicating the value of the services that they make available, especially during this down economy.

The report, Beliefs, Behaviors and Attitudes in Response to the Economy has some good data. In all over 8,500 members participated in the research between December 11th and January 26th.

The need to better communicate value came through to me especially in the answers to questions about what members say about their associations during difficult economic times.

Members used a scale of 1 to 5 (1 = “strongly disagree,” 5 = “strongly agree”) to express their opinion.

  • In an economic downturn my association (s) will be needed to help me network with others for professional or business help. (Score 3.56)
  • When money is tight the value of my association affiliation(s) are generally GREATER than the cost of dues. (Score 3.50)
  • My employer is LESS likely to pay association dues in a tight economy. (Score 3.35)
  • It is more important to support my association(s) when the economy is down than when the economy is better. (Score 3.23)
  • In an economic downturn my personal participation in association activities is curtailed. (Score 3.19)
  • My association(s)provide me with the resources I need to cope with a down economy. (Score 2.96)

I am curious how you react to the survey.

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