Improve Response by Testing Email Subject Lines

In my recent post on market testing, I mentioned testing email subject lines. This is perhaps the easiest and fastest test that you can do. In a day, you can determine which subject line get’s the most opens and clicks.

And since you only need 40 opens to give you a pretty good statistical read on what subject line works best, you can test subject lines with a small subset of your email list, read responses, and then deploy the rest of the list using the top performing subject line.

So what are some subject lines that you might want to try testing?

You will find that simple and direct work best. Typically you want to make and offer or give a promise. It also works to present a knowledge gap. Highlight something the recipient should know, but may not know.

The VR Marketing Blog offers “29 Great B2B Subject Lines”. Some of them include the following:

• “Save Money and Look Like a Star to Your Boss
• How to make it onto your buyer's short list
• Complimentary Webinar: [insert webinar name]
• Breakfast & Secrets for How to [insert problem you solve or product you sell]
• Success Tip: 5 Ways to a Better [xxxx]
• Register Today: [inert name of event] Nov. 5 2009
• Entry deadline fast approaching
• New White Paper: Best Practices for [Insert problem and solution here]
• Success Tip #1: [Insert Tip Headline Here]
• Extended for a Day: Get Free Shipping Through Friday
• Your Weekly Alert: [insert topic here]
• Hear Exclusive Research Presented on [insert what your event is about] - Register Now!
• Inside: [hot topic in your newsletter you think will get the most opens]
• Save $200: [insert event here] Early Bird Registration Ends [insert date here]”

What are your best performing subject lines? Please feel free to share them here.

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