Customers Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em

A friend of mine, Vinay Kumar, just published a book focused on customer service.  The title is, Customers Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em.  The book includes 57 tips on how to better serve your customers.  I found it full of helpful reminders and practical suggestions. 
Here is an example of one tip from the book.

Tip No. 13
Communicate! Communicate!

Don’t keep ‘em guessing. No one likes to be in the dark. When customers don’t know what’s happening, they imagine the worst, causing them anxiety and worry. While this is human nature, you don’t want to be the source of their worries. It won’t serve you. Keep your customers updated on your progress on their assignments and requests. Communicating regularly demonstrates your accountability, conveys your customer satisfaction emphasis, and that you’re dedicated to serving them. Along similar lines, if something isn’t going quiet as planned, customers do understand, provided you inform with them within a reasonable time frame rather than surprising them with bad news at the last minute. Therefore, when you do have to convey some “bad” news, at the same time, be sure to also let them know what you are doing to make it right, get it back on track. Your customers will appreciate it. Finally, when in doubt, it’s better to over communicate then under.”

You can download an inexpensive copy of the book from Scribd.  You may find it helpful to share with your membership staff or customer facing colleagues. 

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