Five Steps to Building a Membership Recruitment Strategy

I just responded to a question on how an organization should put together a membership recruitment strategy.  The question reminded me that sometimes it is a good idea to step back and look at the fundamentals of what we are doing. 

So here are five basic elements that I think are important to consider in putting together a membership recruitment program.

1.               The Target Marketwho you want to reach – this includes determining what are your primary markets and acquiring or building lists of these prospects. 

2.               The Membership Offerwhat a member will receive – this includes how you package your membership product and what special offers you will make in your promotions to attract new members.

3.               The Marketing Messagewhy a member should join – this includes defining your value proposition and presenting solutions and benefits to members that are compelling.

4.               The Promotional Tacticshow a member will be reached – this includes selecting the best marketing channels like personal sales, direct mail, email, telemarketing, etc. and the frequency and timing of promotions.

5.               The Testing and Trackingwhere to take future efforts – this includes trying variations of the four points listed above and recording which lists, offers, messages, and channels produce the best ROI and number of new members.

Even if you are an experienced marketing pro, take a moment now to look at your membership program.   Chances are one of these five points is underdeveloped in what you are doing and could have big results with some additional focus. 


Carol-Anne Moutinho said...

I like your steps but would add in one more: Once you know who your market is, shouldn't you then do some homework around what it is they want and need then shape your offerings, marketing and communication around that feedback? Good post.

Tony Rossell said...

Hi Carol-Anne -- Very good point. Yes, you should definetly research what your prospective members want and need. In point three, I mention "defining your value propositon" which should be driven by prospective member needs, but I appreciate you specifying the need for this information. Tony

Annie Gallagher said...

Understanding the nuts and bolts of a recruitment strategy, with all of the components targeting a message, is always very good. No matter what kind of recruitment retention interaction activities you’re doing, though, you cannot underestimate the value of the relationship. Your clients and customers have to know you care and connect. Think six degrees of separation: by achieving common ground or by making something more customized for a potential member or a potential client or potential customer, you’re going to have so much more success. You can’t just use the cookie cutter approach. Everybody wants personalization. There should be an element of peer to peer connection (shared acquaintances, attending the same conference in the past, being aware of any article they wrote that you read) developed. You have to have that personal, customized touch – and it needs to be built into any kind of membership recruitment strategy you use.

Tony Rossell said...

Hi Annie -- Good points on targeting, personalization and segmentation.

Here are some other posts that I have done which look at some of these items more in-depth.

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"A Process to help Define Member Value"

You can pull them up by using the search tool in the upper left hand corner of this blogs home page. Tony

Unknown said...

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