100 Super Marketing Tips

Do you need some fresh ideas on how to improve your marketing?   Then take a look at a new booklet just published by Marketing General Incorporated, 100 Super Marketing Hints.  It is a free download.
You will find some great ideas ranging from email marketing improvements, to print production costs savings, to digital advertising enhancements.  Here are some of the hints.
·        In email marketing, use snippet text, not only will it show in the preview pane and above the fold views when images are turned off, it will appear in the initial inbox view.
·        Keep mail pieces under 11 1/2” x 6 1/8” to qualify for letter-sized postage rates.
·        Custom envelopes can be expensive and take weeks to manufacture; using a standard size or die could save up to 30%.
·        When conducting online, quantitative research, save space in your survey by embedding demographic data that is already in your database. 
·        When running campaigns in Google Adwords, select your keywords with care; Quality Score can have a huge impact on your campaign.
Starting out every promotion with the question, “what can I do better?” is the way to keep learning and to improve your results.  So I hope you find these fresh ideas of help.   You can get your copy of the booklet using this link. 

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