Membership Marketing from A to Z

Here is something that I have wanted to put together for a long time.  It is a glossary of membership marketing terms linked to past posts that I have done over the years.  I have called it "Membership Marketing from A to Z". 

As you will note, I still do not have an entry for "X", so feel free to share your ideas.  Your feedback will also be appreciated on topics that are important that I have missed.  Generally, the reason a topic may not show up here is because I have not had a post to link to it.  But share the idea and maybe it will prompt me to put a post together on the topic.  All comments are welcome. 

A. Alternative Membership Models

A. Awareness: Starting the Membership Relationship

B. Branding

B. Brainstorming

C. Conversion of New Members

D. Dashboarding Membership

D. Discounting Membership Dues

D. Dues Increase

E. Economics of Membership

E. Engaging Members

F. Freemium Membership

F. For Profit Membership

F. Free Trial Membership

F. Frequency of Contact

G. Group Membership

H. Hiring Marketing Help 

I. Installment Dues Payments

I. International Membership

J. Joining: The Need to Belong

K. Keeping Members

L. Lead Generation and Conversion

L. List Selection

L. Lifetime Value

M. Maximum Acquisition Cost

M. Market Expansion Strategy

M. Marketing Plan

N. New Product Development

O. Offers to Incentivise New Members

P. Payment Options

P. Pricing Strategies

Q. Qualitative and Quantitative Reseach

R. Recruitment

R. Reinstatement 

R. Renewal Rate

R. Renewal and Retention

S. Segmentation Strategies

S. Steady State Analysis

T. Tiered Membership Structure

T. Test Marketing

T. Trade Show Member Sales

U. Unique Selling Proposition

V. Value

V. Volunteers

W. Website Maximumization

Y. Younger Members

Z. Zero Growth (4 reasons)

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